Payment Options


Western Union & Money Gram

Western Union and Money Gram are international money remittance companies, with hundreds of locations in every city and town all over the world. Not only do they have physical locations, you can also use their services online!

The sending fee is cheap, the process itself is very simple and the money is available instantly to us, meaning we can assemble your order super fast.


Bank Transfer/T/T 

Bank transfer is a transfer from the funds from your bank account to ours. It is very simple to do, and the bank usually has a good exchange rate. To do a bank transfer all you have to do is either call your bank, go online (if you have online banking enabled) or go to your nearest branch and tell them you want to initiate an international bank transfer (for all of you outside of China).

Typically the funds take 1-5 working days to clear into our bank account and at the point of receiving your funds in our account, we go ahead and assemble your order. Bank Transfer is slower than Western Union and Money Gram, but some people prefer it.


Chase Quickpay (JP Morgan Chase Bank)

Requires you to either be a resident in the USA, or have a bank account which was opened in the USA. Payments for orders can be sent or requested by phone number or email address directly from your Chase Bank mobile app, or your Chase Onilne Banking or Chase Quick Pay online account. You do not have to bank with Chase Bank to use this free service, but  it requires you to have a bank which is in USA. Limits on transactions are $2000-$5,000 daily or $20,000 every 30 day period.

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Pop Money

Pop Money is a service much like Chase Quickpay, where money can be sent or requested by email address, or phone number. Money can be sent directly from your debit or credit card, or bank account. Most major banks in USA offer this free service from your online banking " Transfers" menu option. There is no fee to use the service, however there is a minimal fee to use this service, read HERE



Read HERE for other methods of payment we DO NOT accept and why.